How to choose Aikido gi

How to choose Aikido gi

We recommend a product to the preference
(ex. weight, durability, color…)
and a budget of the customer.
Please see and check the features of products we have.

Common in all the aikido gi

100 % Cotton is more shrinkable than poly-cotton.
Shrinkage: Cotton
-approximately 5~ 10%
-Poly-cotton - less than 5%

aikidogi cloth sample

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Payment Overseas
Paypal is available.
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In Japan
Bank transfer or Correct on Delivery(COD) is available.

COD charges will be charged according to the price of order from 324~432 yen per case.
For more information please check
the shipping / payment.
Delivery As soon as we confirm the payment, your order will be shipped in about 3 business days. If you need embroidery, it takes one week to reach you. Please understand the case, which would ask you more days if the maker does not have stock at the time you order.


In Japan
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